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Unit 23 updated, 2017
Unit 24 updated, 2017

We'll be in Ed2 N 2301.

January 2018: Celgene (New Jersey) is taking over Juno Therapeutics, the other leading CAR-T startup, for $9 billion (it already owned 10% of the company, so the price is the same as Novartis paid for Kite.) The backstory is different: Juno's been having trouble with CAR-T toxicity, and Celgene is said to be running out of creative and business gas.

October 2017: Angry reaction to Novartis' price rumor has lowered the price to about $475,000.

September 2017: Amgen has made a deal with a Chinese company to market 4 biosimilar mAbs there. These were not originally invented by Amgen. One is probably a Humira copy; it's the world's largest-selling drug.

August 2017: In response to the news from Novartis (below) Gilead is about to buy Kite Pharma, which has a nearly-ready CAR-T, for $11 billion.

August 2017: Rumor has it that the first likely to be approved CAR-T therapy, from Novartis, will be priced at $649,000.

WEEK 12: 15 November

Unit 23: Tumor Immunology (PDF)

Supplemental material: If you have an interest in cancer research, the 2012 updated version of a classic paper is required reading: Hallmarks of Cancer: The Next Generation, by Douglas Hanahan and Robert Weinberg.

Unit 24: Immunomodulators and Biological Response Modifiers (PDF)

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