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Week 1: 30 Aug
Week 2: 6 Sept
Week 3: 13 Sept
Week 4: 20 Sept
Week 5: 27 Sept
Week 6: 4 Oct
Week 7: 11 Oct
Week 8: 18 Oct
Week 9: 25 Oct
Week 10: 1 Nov
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We're in Ed2 N 2302

Unit 3 updated, 2016
Unit 4 updated, 2016

WEEK 2: 6 September 2016

Unit 3: Anatomy & Physiology of the Immune System Download the PDF

Unit 4: Antibody Structure Download the PDF


If you'd like to play with an interactive immunoglobulin G molecule (optional, but fun especially if you're a bit of a geek), follow this link.

Note, it takes a while to load the first time. It will transfer you to the Jmol Antibody Tutorial at UMass, which requires Java. While almost all browsers have Java, some installations of Windows or Linux may not. You can install or update free Java by going to Updating Java is always a good idea, especially if Jmol does not seem to be working properly. The Java site can check the version on your computer (click "Do I have Java?"). Currently Java is at Version 8 Update 101). Download what you need.

Once you have the picture, work as you please through the tutorial. Drag to turn the molecule around, and if you're getting seasick, turn off "spin."