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Week 1: 27 Aug
Week 2: 03 Sept
Week 3: 10 Sept
Week 4: 17 Sept
Week 5: 24 Sept
Week 6: 01 Oct
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We'll be in Ed2 South Rm. 2305 from 1-3 PM (13:00-15:00 h).

Unit 2 updated, 2019

Please print the notes for Unit 2 now (or download them to your device), and be sure to read through them (at least to the end of the innate section) before class. Reading ahead is an important part of this course; in class we will spend time on the more interesting or difficult parts of the material, but I will not just read the notes to you. You can learn the more factual material on your own much better that way. Some of the notes have color illustrations which you will see in the PDFs, and if you are very rich, print in color.

WEEK 1: 27 August 2019

Unit 1: Introduction to the Course and Immunology (no notes or learning objectives for this Unit).

Unit 2: Innate to Adaptive Immunity PDF (opens in a new tab)

If you have 2:43 minutes to spare, this is the story of the beginning of the science of immunology.